LANCE WATERMAN Press & Promotion. World traveler, adventurer. Lance Waterman has lived in Canada, Australia, Kenya, Japan, Germany and Thailand. Found the key to dream fulfillment  laid in the setting of wildly fantastic goals and then a simply solitary decision. “I take responsibility for everything that happens to me.” Lance has been studying communications since 1991 with the help of his mentor Tony Robbins. Starting in advertising theory, then 2 local government elections in Byron Bay, Australia culminating with a successful election in 1997. Lance started working in visual communication in 2002 when he first moved to Berlin, Germany. A contemporary fine arts artist’s liaison since 2005, developed into the project “29 Palms, CA” where working together with ‘mica film” (Caroline Haertel)  produced a theater premiere of a short film “Till Death Do Us Part” complimented by a live concert performance at the Babylon theater, Berlin. Currently working on a documentary of the making of the film “The Girl Behind The White Picket Fence” by Stefanie Schneider.


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